TaG: Risk meets Foursquare

Treasures and Guardians (TaG) is an asynchronous multiplayer location based game with a gameplay of a mix of Grey Area’s ”Shadow Cities” and Zynga’s “War of the Fallen”. TaG combines the features of Foursquare and timeless strategy game Risk.

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Players battle against each other dominate the territories that we determined in all over the real world. These territories produce resources and protect by guardians of owner of the territories. Most important and the different from others feature of TaG is that the brands may take part in the game as individual gamers by giving location based real rewarded gamified quests.

TaG was awarded first prize in the Qualcomm Mobile Business Idea and Application Contest and supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) for producing solution to a digital marketing question.


TaG - How It Works

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